There is so much to see and do
around Lost Lake

Something For Everyone

photo of racecar on a trackA collection of popular attractions near Lost Lake. This is a good place to start – because there’s something for everyone!
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Neversink Unique Area

photo of the neversink unique area signThe 6,580-acre Neversink Unique Area is adjacent to the Lost Lake Resort Community and features a spectacular gorge and two major waterfalls, Denton Falls and High Falls. The Nature Conservancy designated the Neversink River as one of the 75 “Last Great Places” throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Pacific.
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Artisanal Beverage Trail

photo of a bottle of wine and wineglassesFrom amber and pale ales to pilsners and black lager beers, spirits like gin, bourbon, and vodka, and wines like Cabernet Franc, there are almost as many craft-made beverages produced around Lost Lake as there are summer weekends.
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“Fresh From The Farm” Agricultural Trail

image of fresh from the farmIncluding farms, farmer’s markets, festivals, restaurants, and shops that stock, sell and use local, organic and artisanal products and ingredients.
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Museum Trail

photo of the bethelwoods museumFrom the top of the Catskill mountains along miles of bountiful rivers to the hidden tunnels below. Follow the tracks to experience the history of the area surrounding Lost Lake Resort along the Museum Trail.
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Hiking Trails

Photo of a man hikingSullivan County and the Catskills offer dozens of hiking trails. Explore our list and hit the trails!
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