The Cliffs Marina

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  • Photo of The Cliffs Marina
  • Photo of The Cliffs Marina
  • Photo of The Cliffs Marina
  • Photo of The Cliffs Marina

The Cliffs full-service Marina provides owners and registered guests convenient access to Possum Kingdom Lake. Watercraft rentals, complimentary boat slips (on a first-come-first-served basis), and covered boat slips (for lease) are available. The Ship Store provides last minute stock-up items such as snacks, beverages, ice, sunscreen, fuel, and more, for a full day on the lake. Year-round fuel is available.

  • ½ Day Rentals run from 9 am – 1 pm or from 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Full-day Rentals run from 9 am – 5:30 pm or from 10 am – 6:00 pm
  • Charges by the quarter hour will apply if you are over the time limit.
  • Reservations may be made with a major credit card in person or by calling the Ship Store at +1 940-779+4530

Available boat, watercraft, and equipment rates:

Bennington Tritoon Boat

Length: 22’
Engine: 115 HP
Per-hour rental rate: $150 plus fuel cost
½ Day rental rate: $450 plus fuel cost
Full-day rental rate: $800 plus fuel cost

Bennington Pontoon Boat

Length: 22’
Engine: 115 HP
Seats: 10
Per-hour rental rate: $150 plus fuel cost
½ Day rental rate: $450 plus fuel cost
Full-day rental rate: $800 plus fuel cost

Bentley Pontoon Boat

Engine: 115 HP
Seats: 16
Per-hour rental rate: $150 plus fuel cost
½ day rental rate: $500 plus fuel cost
Full-day rental rate: $850 plus fuel cost

Sea-Doo GTI Personal Watercraft

Engine: 130 HP
Seats: 2
Per-hour rental rate: $100 plus fuel cost
½ day rental rate: $300 plus fuel cost
Full-day rental rate: $500 plus fuel cost
Ask about weekday package pricing for multiple Sea-Doo rentals

Equipment Rentals

Water skis, inner tubes or knee boards, including tow rope
½ day rental rate: $25 per item/pair of skis
Full-day rental rate: $40

Package specials are available below.

Lake-Ready Service

Have your boat made lake-ready by one of our staff members at the Ship Store. Your boat will be uncovered, wiped down, and your tubes aired upon requestPlease give us a 24-hour notice prior to your arrival.
Cost: $50.00

Fuel Service

Why wait when you can have your boat fueled up and ready when you arrive?
Cost: $35.00, plus fuel cost

Boat Trailering/Un-Trailering Service

We’ll position your boat at the courtesy dock and have your trailer stored at our short-term storage parking lot. Your vehicle will be returned to the Marina parking area.
Cost: $80.00

Storage Transfer Service

We offer marina tenants and resort property owners the convenience of transferring their boat or personal watercraft from The Cliffs Marina to either long-term or short-term storage facilities.
Cost: $50.00 – $150.00
If you wish for us to take your boat or personal watercraft to another marina for service (i.e. Bluff Creek Marina, Sandy Creek Marina, etc.) there will be an additional $100 charge.

Exterior Boat Cleaning Service

Your boat will be shining after a wash and wax with Overton’s Premium Marine Wash & Wax.
Cost for 25′ and smaller boats/personal watercraft: $80.00
Cost for 26′ – 39′ boats: $100.00
Cost for 40′ – 50′ boats: $150.00

Towing Service

Do not hesitate to contact The Cliffs Marina if you require assistance while on the lake. Our professional staff can tow your boat/personal watercraft back to The Cliffs Marina.
Cost: Varies depending on the boat/personal watercraft’s size and location. A fuel charge will be accessed to replace the tow boat’s expended fuel.

Miscellaneous Service

We will attempt to fulfill any special requests that you may have. Please ask for Juan Zevallos at the Ship Store for any special request.

The Cliffs Marina Packages

Lake and Boat Ready Package

Includes our Lake-Ready Service and our Fuel Service
Cost: $70.00 plus fuel – Save $15.00

Launching and fueling Package

Includes our Boat Trailering/Un-Trailering Service and our Fuel Service
Cost: $100.00 plus fuel – Save $15.00

Courtesy Slips

Courtesy slips are available for temporary use when fueling, visiting the restroom or shopping at the Ship Store on a first-come, first-served basis.

Covered Slips

The Cliffs Marina offers 24′, 30′, 40′ and 50′ slips for lease on an annual basis. Metered electricity and water are available at all covered slips. For leasing information please call +1 214-706-7801.

Dock/Slip NumberLengthWidthAnnual RateApply Online
K052411$2,849.00Apply Online
A112411$2,849.00Apply Online
A102411$2,849.00Apply Online
I013012$3,988.00Apply Online
J103012$3,988.00Apply Online
J043012$3,988.00Apply Online
J143012$3,988.00Apply Online
B043013$3,988.00Apply Online
B133013$3,988.00Apply Online
B053013$3,988.00Apply Online
B063013$3,988.00Apply Online
B083013$3,988.00Apply Online
I073012$3,988.00Apply Online
I023012$3,988.00Apply Online
C183013$4,279.00Apply Online
C033013$4,279.00Apply Online
F023013$4,279.00Apply Online
F053013$4,279.00Apply Online
F063013$4,279.00Apply Online
C013013$4,279.00Apply Online
C163013$4,279.00Apply Online
C143013$4,279.00Apply Online
C133013$4,279.00Apply Online
C103013$4,279.00Apply Online
C083013$4,279.00Apply Online
C043013$4,279.00Apply Online
C243013$4,279.00Apply Online
F154016$6,545.00Apply Online
F134016$6,545.00Apply Online
F204016$6,545.00Apply Online
G085018$8,232.00Apply Online
G055018$8,232.00Apply Online
G035018$8,232.00Apply Online
G045018$8,232.00Apply Online
G015018$8,232.00Apply Online
G075018$8,232.00Apply Online
H025018$8,232.00Apply Online
G125018$8,232.00Apply Online
G135018$8,232.00Apply Online
G145018$8,232.00Apply Online
H015018$8,232.00Apply Online

The Cliffs Ship Store

Hours of Operation
Sunday: 9:00 am- 5:00 pm
Monday – Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Saturday: 9:00 am- 5:00 pm

Hours can vary and are weather-permitting.
Call to arrange weekday rentals.

+1 940-779-4530
Cliffs Dr, Graford, TX 76449