Transfer of Ownership Overview

At no cost to White Bluff owners, Double Diamond will transfer ownership of the golf courses, clubhouses, spa and fitness center, hotel, and other amenities to White Bluff Country Club, a nonprofit corporation which will be owned by the members.

  • All lot, condominium, and interval owners will be members of the White Bluff Country Club;
  • White Bluff Country Club will be a private facility operated for the sole benefit of the members and their guests;
  • The members of White Bluff Country Club will have representation through an owner/member advisory board;
  • All property owners will enjoy unlimited rounds of golf and expanded use of the amenities as well as an ownership stake in White Bluff Country Club;
  • White Bluff Country Club facilities and services will be upgraded;
  • Double Diamond will provide executive management for the operation of the club for a period of 12 years, for an annual management fee of $250,000, subject to future increase not to exceed 5 percent per year;
  • The White Bluff Property Owners Association will continue to be responsible for maintaining the streets, security, code enforcement, common areas, etc.

Questions & Answers

White Bluff Country Club is a private 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization approved by the IRS. The club was created for the purpose of enabling White Bluff Property Owners Association members and their guests to enjoy outstanding golf and other social, dining, and recreational amenities in a congenial atmosphere that fosters camaraderie and wholesome activity. The club is owned by the members. Although no shares are issued, if the club were ever sold, the profit from the sale would be divided equally among the members.
Much like the difference between owning a home and renting one, “member-owned” means a well-cared-for club with less turnover and a better overall experience. The staff works for you as a member of White Bluff Country Club, and you continually have a voice.

The club retains dues and departmental revenues to cover expenses and improvements. Examples of revenue sources include dues, merchandise, golf carts, greens fees, food, beverage, alcohol, lodging, amenity rental.

The club also benefits as a nonprofit for the sole benefit of the members and is not subject to property tax, a $250,000 savings.

Double Diamond will transfer the two golf courses and clubhouses, 28-room hotel, three log cabins, four Bluff Point condos, the spa and fitness center, conference center, and the Lighthouse Restaurant, along with current inventories, furniture, and supplies.
For White Bluff Country Club to be successful, the members must be involved. Because of this, our professional management staff will continually seek input from members. We will conduct membership satisfaction surveys annually. An advisory committee is in place to advise management and to act as a liaison between members and management. Member input allows White Bluff Country Club to make decisions based on what is best for the club as a whole.
For the purpose of setting up the nonprofit, a board of directors had to be established. The board of directors comprises Double Diamond representatives. The board will add members over time and transition throughout the term of the management agreement.
The club is projected to have a net income of $500,000 with current operations; the goal is to have all outlets open as the community grows and supports the club. The marina is part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ property and will not be part of the club. It will be available to members and the public.

The board of directors, with input from the advisory committee, will make these determinations.

In addition to clubhouse activities, of course, are our challenging 36 holes of golf, overnight lodging, and fitness center. Kayaks and paddle boards are available for members’ enjoyment at the marina.
As a property owner in the White Bluff Development, you are an automatic member of the club.
Homeowner – Full Member

Lot Owner – Full Member (categories based on county of residence and distance)

Interval Owner Member (Heartwood and Range condominium owners) Full Members and household family members will have full access to the club including unlimited greens fees along with 36 complimentary rounds of golf for guests, and unrestricted use of the fitness center. Interval Owner Members will have full club and golf course access during their stay

Interval Owner Members will have full club and golf course access during their stay

Dues for any type of membership are annual but may be paid semiannually, and are billed in advance.
Dues and assessments are reviewed annually by the club’s finance committee and board of directors. Inflation and economic conditions sometimes cause dues to increase. We make every effort to make this club a value without sacrificing quality. All revenue is used to operate the club to the benefit of its members.
The club will host many other special events for members such as tournament dinners, dinner dances, holiday events, and special member parties throughout the year.
Certainly. The club has several rooms available and offers a wide variety of services. The club is available on a reservation basis and hosts many functions.
Yes, we have a full calendar of men’s, women’s, and junior programs as well as organized couples events throughout the season. Children under the age of 21 (or 23 if registered as a full-time student) may use the club.
Men’s, Women’s, and junior programs will be established.
As a member, you enjoy cost plus 20 percent on merchandise bought in the outlets, even special orders.
The club offers a fitness center, pools for all to enjoy, outdoor tennis courts, kayaks, and paddle boards.
Yes, members are entitled to have guests use club facilities in accordance with the general club rules and regulations, which may include limitations on the number of times a particular guest may use the golf course and other facilities during a membership year. The sponsoring member will be responsible for any fees or charges incurred by his or her guests. Guest play may be limited on weekends to ensure play availability to members.
Yes, members will have charge privileges at White Bluff Country Club in accordance with the general club rules and regulations. Statements will be due and payable upon receipt. Club credit must be secured by a major credit card.
Walking is always permitted on the White Bluff Country Club golf course.
Yes, outings are held at White Bluff Country Club, but care is taken to limit the number of outings so as to not unduly stress the golf course or displace members.