From the POA Office

Spring can sneak up on you so now is a good time to start thinking of trying some new landscaping. Take a trip to your favorite nursery and window shop, go on a walk around the development, pick up that “something” that catches your eye and then plan your landscape around that. With some thoughtful planning and practices, you can have beautiful landscaping without an enormous amount of work.

The Retreat is in a beautiful area, especially during spring, overlooking and flowing down into the Brazos River Valley. The locale supports abundant wildlife, including Rio Grande wild turkey, white-tailed deer, jack rabbits, cottontail rabbits, a myriad of song and predatory birds, and the not-so-favorite feral hog.

When preparing your lawn for the spring and summer it is vital that a timely and precise application of grub control be made. Feral hogs have olfactory senses greater than most canine species and will ferret out those succulent grubs leaving turf that looks as though it has been turned with a large spade. In addition to treating for grubs, eliminate weedy plants and grasses that produce tuberous roots, and reconsider using organic amendments that may contain molasses or any other ingredient that may attract these critters.

When planting young trees in your yard, especially those with slick bark, consider the fact that the trunk should be protected during the fall and winter months. White-tailed bucks rub trees both as a way of marking their territory and removing velvet from their racks. “Sign post” tree rubs can occur on six to eight caliper-inch trees. Native species with a thick cuticle such as yucca and other native species are a good start to keep deer and rabbits out of the flowerbeds when you’re selecting landscape material. Consult your local nurseries and the extension service on-line for beneficial information.

The new year has brought on an increasing number of inquiries about new home construction. Phase Seven already has three homes under construction. As promised when this Phase Seven was just announced, there are many lots with dramatic vistas encompassing views
that transition from rolling prairie to timbered ridges to river valley.

If you are interested in building on your lot in the near future please contact the POA office at 817-556-2700 ext 2234, and ask Becky for the most current copy of our builder’s packet, or simply download it from this website. The packet includes a comprehensive list of the rules and requirements for home building in The Retreat, as well as all application documents. The packet also includes instructions and requirements for getting a new builder approved.

A benefit to choosing a builder on the approved builder list is that they are familiar with the process at The Retreat. Some of the reasons a builder on the approved builder list is there are promptness, attention to detail, and a high level of craftsmanship.

If you have any questions regarding the covenants, conditions and restrictions, please feel free to contact the property owners association (POA) office and enjoy the wildlife as this is their home, too.