Land Conservation

A unique benefit available to the community is a significant amount of acreage that the resort’s developer designated as conservation land. This property offers the indigenous wildlife in Eagle Rock a place to roam freely, will never be developed.

This land is located throughout the resort community and allows each residential village to have nearby access to conservation land.

Above & Beyond The Standard

Most developers set aside less than 5% of the total land in a community as common property or conservation land. Double Diamond Resorts is not most developers. At the conclusion of development, Eagle Rock is projected to have over 20% of its total acreage set aside, and remaining in a natural state. This commitment is enormous and serves as an example of the company’s commitment to giving our resort property owners not only the opportunity to experience the private and peaceful serenity a resort lifestyle but also delivering a place full of life and social interaction.

While newer or less well-funded developers may resist setting aside profit from developing every inch of a community, Double Diamond Resorts counts it has among our greatest strengths. You can rest easy knowing the resort’s wildlife will always have free space to roam, and Eagle Rock will maintain the resort’s look and feel for generations.